Monday, April 23, 2012

{parco di mostri}

{park of the monsters}

Woke up bright and early dressed for a high of 63 and scattered showers. We, Katy, Jena and I caught the 9:30 train to Attigliano, attempted to call a taxi, and with no luck we started hiking -- 5 miles -- each way... through the less beautiful "Industrial Center of Umbria" right alongside the autostrada. We passed a lovely gentlemen's club "Chanel2" and  "the titty snack bar" which was connected to a convenience store... classy area...

We followed the winding road past many vineyards and orchards, trees filled with cotton, bridges with shoddy pedestrian paths and a ton of lizards.

We hiked up the hilltown of Bomarzo then down a gravel path to the entrance of the garden/park. 10 euro later we sat and enjoyed a little snack while enjoying the company of this little fella featured below.

We followed the suggested route through the park and stopped by all of the sculptures throughout the park. I have included pictures of a few of them below... most of them were quite rough around the edges and covered in moss, algae and other scaly textures.

A neat little park, but it seems like an odd subject matter for a funeral monument for his wife who had passed away.

After an hour and a half of exploration we hiked all the way back to Attigliano after figuring out that the bus we were supposed to take from Bomarzo to the train station does not run on Sundays. Exhausting but thankful it wasn't raining!

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  1. Well at least you have an interesting story to tell and you got to see some unusual sculptures