Monday, April 23, 2012

{parco di mostri}

{park of the monsters}

Woke up bright and early dressed for a high of 63 and scattered showers. We, Katy, Jena and I caught the 9:30 train to Attigliano, attempted to call a taxi, and with no luck we started hiking -- 5 miles -- each way... through the less beautiful "Industrial Center of Umbria" right alongside the autostrada. We passed a lovely gentlemen's club "Chanel2" and  "the titty snack bar" which was connected to a convenience store... classy area...

We followed the winding road past many vineyards and orchards, trees filled with cotton, bridges with shoddy pedestrian paths and a ton of lizards.

We hiked up the hilltown of Bomarzo then down a gravel path to the entrance of the garden/park. 10 euro later we sat and enjoyed a little snack while enjoying the company of this little fella featured below.

We followed the suggested route through the park and stopped by all of the sculptures throughout the park. I have included pictures of a few of them below... most of them were quite rough around the edges and covered in moss, algae and other scaly textures.

A neat little park, but it seems like an odd subject matter for a funeral monument for his wife who had passed away.

After an hour and a half of exploration we hiked all the way back to Attigliano after figuring out that the bus we were supposed to take from Bomarzo to the train station does not run on Sundays. Exhausting but thankful it wasn't raining!

Thursday, April 19, 2012



We arrived in Pompei around 7pm and our bus barely squeezed into the parking lot of {The Villa of Mystery.} It was a cute salmon, colored motel within walking distance of the ruins of Pompei. The city seemed dead, we felt as if we were the only tourists in town considering they had to open the motel just for our group. After getting settled in, we walked outside to the patio, over a bridge that overlooked the empty circular pool, and walked into a long hallway where our group would be eating for dinner. Our meal consisted of veal, salad, bread, really good pasta, and lemon flavored cake.

After supper we made our way back to our rooms and the three of us, Rachel, Natalie and I watched some television and called it a night. It is bewildering how much a lot of fresh air and sunshine can wear you out.
Thursday morning we ate breakfast at the motel, and walked down the hill towards the entrance to the ruins of Pompei. We were greeted by a series of stray, mix-breed dogs that would gladly trade attention, love and escort service for whatever snacks you had in your backpack.

Our tour-guide was a bit upset that our group was 10 people larger than he was expecting. Despite his Irish/Italian accent it was easy to sense his frustration as he we moseyed through the city. The city was large, and we could have easily spent an entire day trying to experience everything it had to offer.

The ashes from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius preserved many of the buildings, paintings and beautiful mosaics throughout the city. 

{pictures coming soon}

Saturday, April 14, 2012

{jubilee church}

Friday the 13th of April we visited Jubilee Church near Rome!

{hadrian's villa}

{villa d'este}

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, we took a bus to Villa d'Este which is in Tivoli... we were expecting 100% chance of heavy rain, and were fortunate enough that the rain held off until early afternoon. A beautiful villa with wonderful gardens known for the elaborate fountains throughout. Sidenote - there were beautiful tulips and peonies everywhere! So fragrant!


Easter Sunday brunch!

{i made scones} <3

{Madonna del Latte}

The lines in the earth show the different layers in the soil.. the dark ones are volcanic ash!

{Etruscan tombs double as a cellar}

{a lovely view of Orvieto}